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All You Need to Celebrate Your Perfect Graduation Day!

All you need to celebrate your perfect graduation day at! If you haven’t ordered yet for your Graduation Day now is the time to di it! We have all that you require including graduation gown and cap sets, gold stoles, graduation medals, certificates, banner posters and also Sports Day medals!

We offer an automatic discount when 5 + gowns are ordered and a FREE graduation banner poster included with all orders of 5+ gown sets. We also have special offers available for complete bundles (gowns, stoles, medals, certs and banner poster), and medal bundles (medals, certs and banner poster) with savings of up to almost €200! Check out our special offers before you decide!

All You Need – Graduation Gown and Cap Sets

If it is gown sets you need then you will love our Children’s Graduation Gown and Cap Sets! Available in four colours (blue, black, red and gold) each set includes a gown, cap, tassel and 2022 year charm. The gowns have a matte finish and a zip front and are made from polycotton.

They come in one size and are suitable for preschool age children between the ages of 4 and 5 years. Once taken care of every year and stored correctly the sets can be used year after year for graduation ceremonies. If you already have gown and cap sets but require tassels and 2022 year charms these are available to purchase separately on our online shop.

All You Need – Special Graduation Keepsakes

If you are planning to gift the children on graduation day you will love our special keepsakes. We offer a lovely range of graduation certificates and graduation medals that make the ideal gift on the day! Our graduation certificates are available in six colourful designs. The certificates are printed on high quality 160gsm paper and can be purchased in packs of 20.

Our Graduation Medals are gold in colour and are 45mm in diameter. The centre graphic is a graduation cap and comes in 4 colours (black, blue, red and gold). Each medal comes with a detachable matching ribbon that makes it easy to present to the children on their special day. They are the perfect keepsake for your graduating class!

All You Need – Sports Day Medals and Banner Posters

If you are looking for a colourful background to take those special pictures with family and friends then you will love our Graduation Banner Posters. Our posters measure 900mm long (almost 1 metre) and are available in six different designs. Each poster is printed on a high quality 170gsm paper. Each poster can be customised with the service name.

Many services have their Sports Day presentation together with the Graduation Ceremony. If you are planning a Sports Day at your service then check out our colourful Sports Day Medals! They are 50mm in diameter and display a trophy and the words ‘Sports Day’.

Each medal includes a detachable ribbon in the Olympic colours that you can easily present the children with on the day. These medals make another great keepsake for the children to take home. Whatever you choose to do on your Graduation Day we wish you a really special day for both children and families alike!