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Class of 2022 – Ready for this Year’s Preschool Graduation?

Class of 2022 are almost ready to finish their time at preschool and transition to primary school! In their years at preschool they will have learned, developed and grown so much. They will have met many new challenges and experienced many things for the first time! It is so important to mark these milestones to congratulate children for all they have achieved.

Celebrating these milestones gives them a love of learning from a young age. Furthermore, it allows young children to understand the process of transition. They will learn to understand they are now finished in preschool and enjoy the occasion shared with their peers. They will say goodbye to the educators and classmates who they have been with and move on to the next stage of their education.

Graduation ceremonies have become very popular with early years services and parents over the last number of years. Due to the demand have made a range of graduation items available for preschools. This includes graduation gown sets, graduation stoles, graduation certificates, medals, sports day medals and banner posters.

Class of 2022 – All You Need For Your Graduation!

If you require graduation attire for your class of 2022 then look no further! Our Graduation Gown Sets come in a choice of four colours – red, blue, gold and black. They come in one size (27″) and are suitable for children between 3 and 5 years of age. Each gown set includes a gown, cap (mortar), detachable tassel and 2022 year charm. They are matte in finish and have a zipped front for ease of dressing the children.

The gowns can be stored away after every graduation ceremony and used for years to come making them a great investment for an early years service! For services who have previously purchased our gown sets we have individual Tassels (in all four colours) and/or 2022 Year Charms.

If you are looking to change things up for 2022 we now have Gold Graduation Stoles available that can be worn over our Graduation Gown Sets. This will add to the occasion by giving your existing gowns a lovely bright pop of colour! It may also tie in nicely with your local school or club colours!

Present the Children with Beautiful Graduation Medals!

Some early years services like to gift the children with a keepsake on the big day! Our Graduation Medals make a great gift that children can keep for many years to come. The medals are gold in colour with centre graphics available in the same four colours as the graduation gowns (red, blue, gold and black). Each medal measures 45cm in diamater and includes a picture of a cap and the year 2022. The medals include a detachable ribbon in matching colours that can be used to present to the children on the graduation day.

If your service partakes in an annual Sports Day and presents prizes on the day of the graduation – you might like our Sports Day Medals! These medals are available in Gold, Silver and Bronze and measure 50mm in diameter. They are embossed with a picture of a trophy and the words ‘Sports Day’. Each medal includes a detachable ribbon in the Olympic colours that can be used to present to the children on the day! We also have Graduation Certificates available in both English and Irish in a choice of six lovely designs and super Graduation Banner Posters that make a great backdrop for photographs on the day!