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Gift Your Graduates with Gorgeous Graduation Medals!

Gift your Graduates with our gorgeous graduation medals this year. A simple and effective way to congratulate all your little graduates! Whether the children are leaving preschool to go to Primary School or Primary School to Secondary School these medals make the perfect keepsake!

The medals are all gold in colour and measure 45mm in diameter. Each medal includes a centerpiece with a picture of a mortar (cap) in red, blue, black or gold and the year 2022. Each medal includes a matching detachable ribbon that makes it easy to present to children on the day.

The Importance of Marking Educational Milestones

Some services or schools choose to have a very informal approach to graduation and others like to have a more formal occasion. The choice is totally up to the service or school. The main thing is that educators are putting some time aside to recognise the children for their achievements.

When adults acknowledge children’s hard work from a young age it encourages a love of learning that they will take with them into adulthood. It also helps children with transition and to understand there is a finality to this stage of their education. They get an opportunity to thank and say goodbye to educators and friends before moving onto the next stage.

Honouring children on the day with a graduation certificate or medal gives them a great sense of accomplishment and pride. Presenting them to the children on the day will add to the occasion as they are recognised by all. Children will delight showing them off to family and friends afterwards. These items will become a treasured keepsake for not just the child but the families!

Give Your Graduates – Customer Feedback

2021 was our first year to offer the graduation medals and our customers loved them – have a read of some of the feedback we received;

‘Loved the graduation medals I ordered, they looked amazing and the quality was excellent! The children loved them! I will be buying more!”

Karen Crowley, Karen’s Playschool

I ordered the graduation medals from last year. They were beautiful, very good quality. Both the parents & graduation class loved them. I will be ordering again for this year’s Graduation class.

Imelda Pembroke, Toddlers and Wobblers Creche & Playschool

We were really happy with the quality of the medals. The website was very easy to use and they were delivered very quickly.

Louise Scott, Cordal Community Preschool 

Gift Your Graduates and Dress for the Occasion!

If you are a service who does a formal graduation service you will love our Preschool Graduation Gowns! Available in four colours (red, blue, black or gold), each set comes with a gown, cap (mortar), detachable tassel and 2022 year charm. They come in one size (27″) and suit children who are between the ages of 4 and 5 years. The gowns are matte in finish and have a zipped front for ease of getting on and off the children. The gowns can be stored away after every graduation to be used again the following years! Why not add a Gold Graduation Stole to give your gowns a pop of colour!