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Graduation Day is only several weeks away. Are you ready?

We have received lots of great reports of wonderful graduation celebrations from our customers in Early Years Services in Ireland. Our beautiful graduation gowns and hats are just what is needed to make this day really special and memorable for the children that are moving on to big school and their families.

The gown sets are of the highest quality, are washable and should last for several years. You may be interested to know which colours are the most popular. Most services select from just one of the four colour options but some have decided to choose a combination of, for example, about 50% royal blue and 50% warm red. The breakdown for last year was as follows:

  • Warm Red – 38%
  • Royal Blue – 29%
  • Traditional Black – 21%
  • Gold – 12%

The gold colour gowns are a lovely rich colour which may not be best represented by our images. There is still just enough time to place a pre-order with us at just €2 per gown set. If the order is for 10 or more sets you could ask for a pre-order of gold gown sets, receive the sample and then decide if you want to proceed with that colour or change to a different one. Please call us on 01-6535008 if you would like to discuss these options. Alternatively you can visit us on and use the Chat facility to ‘talk’ with one of our staff.

Whatever you decide please don’t leave it until the last moment to place your order. We maintain a reasonable stock in Dublin but these go quickly once we arrive in the month of May.

Do you already have gowns from last year or before? Do you need 2019 tassels and year charms, or maybe just year charms? Many services present the children with the tassel and year charm as a memento of their graduation day and order replacements from us each year.
We wish you and your children a lovely celebration of their time with your service however you decide to celebrate.