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Great Tips and Ideas for Planning Your Graduation!

It’s been a couple of years since services have organised a proper graduation. The last two years have been a mix of drive by and zoom graduations and sadly, in some cases, no graduations at all!

This year gives services an opportunity to celebrate properly with families once again. As it has been a while, here are some useful tips and ideas to get you started;

  • Where: Will you pick Indoors or outdoors? Make sure that whatever space you use you have access to electrical points for playing music and for microphone use. Allow for weather changes and make sure it’s familiar to the children. If it’s not a space they’re in often, bring them there beforehand to get familiar with it.
  • When: Decide on your date, day and time. Will it be during preschool hours, in the evening or at the weekend? Once you have decided you can get the children involved by asking them to design invitations. Follow up with a post on Facebook or Instagram to remind families closer to the date.
  • Activities: What activities will you arrange for the day? Will the children sing, dance or tell stories? Maybe you will decide not to do that and just present graduation certificates and/or medals on the day. Let the children be part of the planning so they can give ideas and feel involved.
  • Set Up: What set up will you require? Will you need extra seating for parents or extra tables to lay out snacks, drinks or treats? Be sure to have everything organised in advance to avoid last minute running around.
  • Decoration: How will you decorate your area? Using the children’s artwork from throughout the year is a lovely way to decorate an area. You can also have them make items specially for the graduation day. It is a lovely way for them to be involved and they will be proud to show off their work.
  • Snacks: Will you include some light refreshments for the children and families? If so, where will you set them up and be sure to include items suitable for all (allergies, religious, vegan etc.). If you are serving cold drinks and snacks do you have a fridge nearby?

Great Tips and Ideas – Graduation Attire For The Day

Graduation Attire: Will you dress the children in graduation gowns and caps or will they just wear their own clothes? If you are planning on using gowns be sure you have them ordered in good time. If you have them from a previous year ensure they are taken out of storage and allow them to hang for a few days prior to the event.

If you are looking to invest in graduation gown and cap sets this year then you will love our beautiful Preschool Graduation Gown and Cap Sets. Each set includes a gown, cap, tassel and 2022 year charm. The sets come in four colours – black, blue, gold and red. Each gown measures 27″ and is suitable for children between 3 and 5 years old. They are made from poly cotton with a matte finish and include a zipped front. The tassel and year charm are both detachable.

New for 2022 at is our beautiful Gold Graduation Stole! The stole is 130cm long 11.5cm wide and has a shiny finish. If you have previously purchased gowns and would like to change things up this year you can purchase the stoles separately. They will make any graduation gown look extra special with a beautiful pop of colour!

Graduation Gifts: Some services like to gift the children on their last day. This may be something as simple as some sweets, treats, pencils, chalk sticks or bookmarks. If you would like to present the children with a graduation medal on the day then check out our delightful Graduation Medals. Each medal is gold in colour and measures 45mm in diameter. The centre of the medal shows a picture of a graduation cap and the year ‘2022’. They are available in the sames colours as the gown sets – black, blue, gold and red. Each medal comes with a matching detachable ribbon – making it easy to present to the children on the day!

Graduation Certificates: Each child is presented with a graduation certificate on the day. Be sure that you have each certificate written out in advance so that you have one less thing to arrange on the day! Rolling them up with a piece of ribbon matching your chosen colours will be a lovely way to present them. If your require Graduation Certificates we have a lovely range that are available in both English and Irish. Choose from 6 different designs, printed on high quality 160gsm paper. All you need to do is write each child’s name, service name, date of graduation and signature.

Be sure to check out our bundle offers for great savings! The Complete Preschool Graduation Bundle includes gown sets, gold stoles, graduation medals, graduation certificate and a FREE graduation banner with savings of up to almost €200! For services who already have graduation gowns – check out our Medals and Certificate Bundle that also includes a FREE Graduation Banner Poster!