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Have You Seen our Super Sports Day Medals?

Have you seen our super sports day medals – available now at If you are planning to have a sports day this Summer you will love these colourful and fun medals! Our medals are made of metal and come in three different colours – gold, silver and bronze.

Each medal is 50mm in diameter and is embossed with a trophy and the words ‘Sports Day’! The medals include a detachable ribbon in the Olympic colours – making it easy to present to children on the day!

Children will love these medals and will be delighted to bring them home to show off to both family members and friends! For younger children it may be best to purchase just 1 colour rather than a mix of gold, silver and bronze to celebrate children’s participation rather than winners and runners-up.

Have You Seen Our Graduation Day Medals?

If you are celebrating a graduation for preschool or 6th class children you will love our Graduation Medals. These medals make the perfect finish for your graduation day! Each medal is metal, sprayed gold and is 45mm in diameter. It includes a centre graphic showing a a mortar (cap) and the year 2022.

Available in four colours (red, black, blue and gold) with each medal attached to a ribbon matching the centre colour. The ribbon measures 395 x 22mm. You can easily attach the ribbon to present to children on their special graduation day.

All our medals match our Children’s Graduation Gown and Cap Sets that are also available to purchase on the shop. These gowns are suitable for preschool aged children from 3-5 years. Each set includes a graduation gown, cap, detachable tassel and 2022 year charm! They make the perfect outfit for the children on their graduation day and can be used year after year at your preschool graduation! Make sure to order now to avoid disappointment!