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Graduation Day – Make it Special for Graduates!

Graduation Day is a celebration we can begin to think about and plan again as the country opens back up! Whether you are a graduating student, a school or a small business we have great products for your special day!

A graduation ceremony is a great way to celebrate any achievement. It gives graduates a chance to celebrate all they have accomplished and to appreciate the memories made on the journey. In addition, it prepares graduates for the next stage – a symbol of change and progression!

At we have the ideal gowns for that special graduation day! We sell a range of gowns suitable for use at preschool, primary school and secondary school. Furthermore, we also provide a range of graduation medals, certificates and banner posters to make any ceremony that extra bit special!

Preschool Gowns: Our preschool gowns are available in 4 colours and come in one size that fits children between 4 and 5 years old. They are made from poly cotton with a matte finish and have a zip on the front for ease of use on young children. Each set comes with a gown, cap (mortarboard), tassel and year charm. Super for taking pictures of the children with their certificates as they celebrate their time at preschool!

Primary School Gowns: After spending eight years at Primary School a graduation ceremony is a great way to celebrate and say goodbye. Our Primary School gown sets are perfect for any graduation ceremony and are the traditional style open front design with a matte finish. Available in black. The sizes available are 4’9″ up to 5’5″.

Secondary School Gowns: Made with high quality polyester and in the traditional open front design, these garments have a matte finish and include a mortar board and tassel. Available in black. The sizes available are 5’2″ up to 6’6″. These gowns are also suitable for college students. Once stored correctly the gowns can be used for many years to come!

Graduation Day – Keepsakes and Posters

Graduation Add-On Items: Probably most suitable for the younger graduates, we also have a super range of graduation add-on items. These items include banner posters, graduation certificates and graduation medals. The certificates and medals make for great keepsakes for the children to bring home to show family and friends. The banner posters make a brilliant back drop for taking those memorable photographs with the name of your company/school/service and the year included on each one!

Tassels and Charms: If you have purchased gowns from us previously and only require to add tassels and year charms for your big day, they are available to purchase in any quantity, either together or separately from our website! These can also be used as keepsakes for the children to bring home with them!

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Printed Graduation Certificates Now Available!

Printed Graduation Certificates now available at Take the hassle out of your graduation day with pre-printed certificates. We are delighted to announce a range of bright and colourful printed graduation certificates for use at Early Years Services. There is a choice of six colourful certificates in both English or Irish, printed on high quality 120gsm paper. The certificates come in a pack of 20 and you can choose up to two styles per order. Simply pick the design you would like and we will print and ship them out to you. All you then need to do is add the child’s name, the name of the service and the date awarded.

Printed Graduation Certificates – A great way to praise young children!

Graduation Certificates are a fun way to congratulate children on finishing preschool. These certificates can be used on your graduation day to present to the children who are leaving your service to move on to Primary school. It is a great way to to recognise the children’s hard work completed during their time at Preschool. Praising children from a young age for their achievements gives them a positive association with school. In addition, it makes for a great keepsake for families.

At we also stock a range of preschool graduation gown sets that include a gown, cap (mortar), tassel and 2021 year charm. The gowns come in four colours (red, blue, black, gold) and are suitable for children aged 3-6 years. The gowns have a zip on the front making it easy to put on and take off. They are made from a lightweight poly-cotton material with a matte finish. When cared for correctly, services can use the gowns for many years to come for graduation ceremonies. Purchase gowns from the shop and you will receive €5.00 off your printed graduations certificates. Discount on gown orders of 5+ available. In addition, gown orders of 5 or more receive a FREE customised graduation banner poster (900 x 210cm)!!