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Great Tips and Ideas for Planning Your Graduation!

It’s been a couple of years since services have organised a proper graduation. The last two years have been a mix of drive by and zoom graduations and sadly, in some cases, no graduations at all!

This year gives services an opportunity to celebrate properly with families once again. As it has been a while, here are some useful tips and ideas to get you started;

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Now Available: The Complete Preschool Graduation Bundle!

Now Available: The complete Preschool Graduation Bundle – includes all you require for your end of year graduation ceremony! The bundle includes preschool gowns, caps, tassels, 2022 year charms and stoles to dress the children in on the day. Furthermore, it includes graduation medals and certificates as gifts to present to the children on the day!

This offer is a great way to invest in great quality graduation sets that you will use for years to come! Simply store them away after each ceremony to ensure they are kept clean and dry for the next occasion! The only item you will require to replace each year are the year charms. Year charms are available to purchase separately on the shop every year.

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Gorgeous Graduation Gowns for Preschool End of Year Celebrations!

Gorgeous graduation gowns now available at! It’s that time of year again where services are thinking about end of year graduation ideas for preschool children. Preschool children will be moving onto Primary School in September – a milestone that is an important one to mark! Young children learn so much about themselves and the world around them in these early years. Therefore, it is important to recognise their work completed and congratulate them on a job well done. An end of year ceremony also helps children to process transition. It will help them to understand they are finished preschool and they will go to Primary School after the Summer holidays.

Services engage with families a lot over during the school term and normally include them in end of year celebrations. However, in these uncertain times it is difficult to plan too far in advance with ever changing restrictions. It may not be possible to celebrate as a group this year but services can find ways to make it special. Last year children were not in the classroom but services still made it special. There were drive by, drive through, Zoom links and individual outdoor celebrations to name but a few! Thankfully this year the children are back in the classroom. Therefore, services are in a better position to provide a celebration for the children together as a group or pod. Activities can be shared with parents and family using Zoom or other online services.

Gorgeous Graduation Gown Sets Now Available!

If you are starting to plan now then have the perfect gowns for your service. The preschool graduation gowns come in four beautiful colours – red, gold, blue and black. They include a cap (mortar) and a tassel with 2021 year charm. All gowns come in one size and are suitable for children from ages 3-6 years old. The gowns are made from poly-cotton with a matte finish. They have a zip front making them easy to put on and take off the children. The tassel and year charm are detachable and make for a great gift as a keepsake, if desired.

The gowns are lightweight and washable making them a great addition to any service. Ensure they are washed and stored well and you will have them for many years to come for your celebrations! If you have previously purchased gowns from us and only require tassels and/or year charms you can also purchase these items individually. We also have a range of banner posters and graduation certificates available on the site that will further enhance your celebrations!