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Have You Seen our Super Sports Day Medals?

Have you seen our super sports day medals – available now at If you are planning to have a sports day this Summer you will love these colourful and fun medals! Our medals are made of metal and come in three different colours – gold, silver and bronze.

Each medal is 50mm in diameter and is embossed with a trophy and the words ‘Sports Day’! The medals include a detachable ribbon in the Olympic colours – making it easy to present to children on the day!

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Gift Your Graduates with Gorgeous Graduation Medals!

Gift your Graduates with our gorgeous graduation medals this year. A simple and effective way to congratulate all your little graduates! Whether the children are leaving preschool to go to Primary School or Primary School to Secondary School these medals make the perfect keepsake!

The medals are all gold in colour and measure 45mm in diameter. Each medal includes a centerpiece with a picture of a mortar (cap) in red, blue, black or gold and the year 2022. Each medal includes a matching detachable ribbon that makes it easy to present to children on the day.

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Sports Day Medals Now Available!

Sports Day medals are now available on! Are you organising a Sports Day as part of your end of term activities? If you are you looking for awards for the children in your service or school we have the perfect thing! Our Sports Day medals are made of metal and come in 3 colours – gold, silver and bronze. The medal is 50mm in diameter, with a picture of a trophy and the words SPORTS DAY embossed on it. Each medal comes with a ribbon in the Olympic Games colours of black, gold, green, red and blue. The ribbon is easily attached to the medal.

A sports day is a super fun event to do as part of your end of year schedule. The day’s activities are so different to your average school day. Therefore, children will be excited to get their tracksuit and runners on and do something different to the norm! Sport is a great way for children to practice their motor skills, coordination, balance and team work. It also allows them to try out new things and gives them confidence in their own ability. Similarly, it helps their classmates build confidence as they are cheered on.

Sports Day Medals: Give children a great sense of achievement!

There are various different activities that you can include on the day from egg and spoon races, relay races to obstacle courses. You can also do flat races of different lengths, long jump, skipping rope or hula hoop challenges. Using a variation of different activities allows children to practice different movements and work on their coordination and balance. It is important that the activities chosen are done based on the children’s age and ability. This ensures that the day is inclusive to all.

At the end of the sports day it is important to thank all who participated and helped out on the day. Presenting the children with medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, participation and great effort gives the children a great sense of achievement. For younger children you may like to award everyone with a participation or super effort medal. Ultimately, a sports day is a great opportunity for children to partake in activities that gets them moving and they have lots of fun with!

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Graduation Medals – A Special Keepsake for Children!

Give your little graduates a special gift on graduation day with our new Graduation Medals! These medals add the perfect finishing touch to your celebration and are available now on the website. The medals are metal, gold in colour and measure 45mm in diameter. They have a centre graphic showing a mortar (cap) and the year 2021 in four colour choices, Red, Black, Blue and Gold. The medals are attached to ribbons matching the centre colour . The ribbon colours are red & white, black & white, blue & white and gold & black. The ribbon dimensions are 395 X 22mm.

Graduation Medals – A Great Addition to Any Graduation Ceremony!

Whether you have an end of the year celebration or a formal graduation, it is fun to have time set aside for the children before they move on. Transition of any kind is a huge part of a child’s life. Therefore it is very important to mark each of these occasions. Celebrating the end of a school year also celebrates new beginnings as the children move to primary or secondary school.

It is important to recognise and celebrate all the work and personal growth for each individual child. Acknowledging the children’s hard work encourages a love of learning throughout their younger years and into adulthood. Honouring children with a medal on graduation day gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride. The medals are ideal for presenting to children on your special graduation day or end of year celebration. They will become a treasured keepsake for all families.

Children will feel truly special when you present them with these pieces and will be delighted to take them home. They will be proud showing them to parents, grandparents and friends who may not be able to attend due to COVID-19 restrictions. So if you are beginning to organise your celebration, order your medals now so that you will have them for your special day! If you require graduation banner posters, certificates or graduation gowns you can also purchase on our website.


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