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Preschool Graduation Day Attire – Still Time to Order!

Preschool Graduation Day attire available for your special day! It is not too late to order your graduation gowns, hats, tassels, year charms, certificates, medals or banner posters! We have all that you need at Orders placed before 12 PM will be shipped out the same day (where stock is available). You also have the option of collecting from our offices in Tallaght, Dublin (Monday to Friday).

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Get Graduation Ready with our Beautiful Graduation Sets!

Get graduation ready with our beautiful Children’s Graduation Gown and Cap Sets! If you are still planning your end of year ceremony and are looking for graduation attire for the children in your preschool class then look no further! Each of our Children’s Graduation Gown and Cap Sets come with a gown, cap (mortar), detachable tassel and 2022 year charm.

The gowns come in one size (27″) that will fit children between the ages of 3 and 5 years and are available in four colours – red, blue, black and gold. Each gown is made from polycotton and includes a zipped front making it easy to put on and take off the children.

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All You Need to Celebrate Your Perfect Graduation Day!

All you need to celebrate your perfect graduation day at! If you haven’t ordered yet for your Graduation Day now is the time to di it! We have all that you require including graduation gown and cap sets, gold stoles, graduation medals, certificates, banner posters and also Sports Day medals!

We offer an automatic discount when 5 + gowns are ordered and a FREE graduation banner poster included with all orders of 5+ gown sets. We also have special offers available for complete bundles (gowns, stoles, medals, certs and banner poster), and medal bundles (medals, certs and banner poster) with savings of up to almost €200! Check out our special offers before you decide!

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Great Graduation Bundles Available Now!

Great graduation bundles available now at website! We have two great bundle offers available. The first bundle includes a Graduation Medal with Ribbon and a colourful Graduation Certificate for each child. Choose a quantity from 10 medals and certificates up to a big bundle of 50 medals and certificates (for a huge saving of €31.75)!

This is a great way to honour the children on the last day (or graduation day) with a certificate and medal for each child. Every Graduation Bundle will also come with a free 900mm Graduation Banner personalised for your school or preschool! This poster is available in six colourful designs and you can add your preschool or school name!

The certificates are available in 6 designs (Forest Friends, Balloon in the Sky, Dinosaurs, Fairies, Blue or Pink) and the medals are available in red, blue, black or gold. This bundle is suitable for both preschool and primary schools (children in 6th class).

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Celebrate Your Preschool Graduations With Friends and Family!

Celebrate your preschool graduation in 2022 with friends and family! Finally, with two years of restrictions ending, we can look forward to and celebrate our children’s preschool graduations this Summer! This time a ceremony that physically includes the presence of parents, grandparents and friends!

A graduation ceremony is a great way to celebrate any achievement. It gives children a chance to celebrate all they have accomplished in their time at preschool. It allows them to appreciate the memories made on the journey and gives them a chance to say goodbye to friends and educators. In addition, it prepares children for the transition to the next stage of their education – a symbol of change and progression!

At we have all you need to celebrate your graduation ceremony. With graduation gown sets, medals, certificates and graduation posters to make your day that extra bit special!

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Graduation Medals – A Special Keepsake for Children!

Give your little graduates a special gift on graduation day with our new Graduation Medals! These medals add the perfect finishing touch to your celebration and are available now on the website. The medals are metal, gold in colour and measure 45mm in diameter. They have a centre graphic showing a mortar (cap) and the year 2021 in four colour choices, Red, Black, Blue and Gold. The medals are attached to ribbons matching the centre colour . The ribbon colours are red & white, black & white, blue & white and gold & black. The ribbon dimensions are 395 X 22mm.

Graduation Medals – A Great Addition to Any Graduation Ceremony!

Whether you have an end of the year celebration or a formal graduation, it is fun to have time set aside for the children before they move on. Transition of any kind is a huge part of a child’s life. Therefore it is very important to mark each of these occasions. Celebrating the end of a school year also celebrates new beginnings as the children move to primary or secondary school.

It is important to recognise and celebrate all the work and personal growth for each individual child. Acknowledging the children’s hard work encourages a love of learning throughout their younger years and into adulthood. Honouring children with a medal on graduation day gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride. The medals are ideal for presenting to children on your special graduation day or end of year celebration. They will become a treasured keepsake for all families.

Children will feel truly special when you present them with these pieces and will be delighted to take them home. They will be proud showing them to parents, grandparents and friends who may not be able to attend due to COVID-19 restrictions. So if you are beginning to organise your celebration, order your medals now so that you will have them for your special day! If you require graduation banner posters, certificates or graduation gowns you can also purchase on our website.


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Gorgeous Graduation Gowns for Preschool End of Year Celebrations!

Gorgeous graduation gowns now available at! It’s that time of year again where services are thinking about end of year graduation ideas for preschool children. Preschool children will be moving onto Primary School in September – a milestone that is an important one to mark! Young children learn so much about themselves and the world around them in these early years. Therefore, it is important to recognise their work completed and congratulate them on a job well done. An end of year ceremony also helps children to process transition. It will help them to understand they are finished preschool and they will go to Primary School after the Summer holidays.

Services engage with families a lot over during the school term and normally include them in end of year celebrations. However, in these uncertain times it is difficult to plan too far in advance with ever changing restrictions. It may not be possible to celebrate as a group this year but services can find ways to make it special. Last year children were not in the classroom but services still made it special. There were drive by, drive through, Zoom links and individual outdoor celebrations to name but a few! Thankfully this year the children are back in the classroom. Therefore, services are in a better position to provide a celebration for the children together as a group or pod. Activities can be shared with parents and family using Zoom or other online services.

Gorgeous Graduation Gown Sets Now Available!

If you are starting to plan now then have the perfect gowns for your service. The preschool graduation gowns come in four beautiful colours – red, gold, blue and black. They include a cap (mortar) and a tassel with 2021 year charm. All gowns come in one size and are suitable for children from ages 3-6 years old. The gowns are made from poly-cotton with a matte finish. They have a zip front making them easy to put on and take off the children. The tassel and year charm are detachable and make for a great gift as a keepsake, if desired.

The gowns are lightweight and washable making them a great addition to any service. Ensure they are washed and stored well and you will have them for many years to come for your celebrations! If you have previously purchased gowns from us and only require tassels and/or year charms you can also purchase these items individually. We also have a range of banner posters and graduation certificates available on the site that will further enhance your celebrations!